Historic America A La Carte Tours

As was mentioned in Monday’s post, Historic America now has two types of new tour options to choose from: Concierge & A La Carte tours. Today we want to focus on our A La Carte option. Here’s the wonderful & talented Rachel Tracey to tell you more …

Our A La Carte tours are regularly scheduled, ticketed tours. They’re bookable anytime and happen rain or shine. Rachel and I built them to be accessible at any interest level - from the casual history fan to the true enthusiast. We then went a step further, designing each tour to include sensory supplements - interpretative elements to engage all your senses. We didn’t want to simply yap at our guests and point at stuff; we also wanted to give you things to taste, touch, smell, and even eat! Learning is best when it’s dynamic. Don’t you agree? We know this approach will make for a truly unique experience.

What are these sensory supplements you ask? To find out, you’ll have to take a tour (we might also give out some information about them in future posts - just sayin’).

You can select from a number of interesting A La Carte tour locations including …

  • The National Mall

  • The Tidal Basin

  • The Smithsonian Museums

  • Arlington National Cemetery

… and many more! If you’re interested you should look at our tour menu(s). We have one for Washington, DC and a number of historic battlefields including Antietam & Manassas. We’ll rolling out many more in the coming weeks & months.