Historic America 2.0 - A New Website & A New Partner

Historic America is back!

As you might have noticed, our website has gone dormant over the past number of months. The reason? We’ve completely retooled not only the site itself, but the entire company. It’s been a lot of work - but we think you’ll be pleased with the results.

What’s changed? Here are the details …

Who wouldn’t want to take a tour with us?

  • Historic America is now a partnership. Aaron Killian (that’s me) isn’t flying solo anymore. The lovely & talented Ms. Rachel Tracey (that’s her) is now the other hunk of dynamite in this dynamic duo.

  • Historic America now offers two types of tours. Our new ticketed tour experiences can be found on our A La Carte Tour menu(s). They’re regularly scheduled, available anytime for booking and happen rain or shine! Our VIP option is the Concierge Tour - an exclusive experience tailored to your specific interests and specifications. CLICK HERE to learn more about them.

  • Historic America has a brand new tour selection to choose from. The National Mall, White House & Arlington are classics. The Smithsonian museums are a must. Our specialty tours on illegal booze and misbehaving presidents are can’t miss events. Simply put, our A La Carte Tours in Washington, DC can’t be beat. Did I mention we also do historic battlefields?

  • Historic America tours are now multi-sensory experiences. We’ve re-developed our tours to include sensory supplements - interpretive elements to engage all of your five senses.

Stick with us. On our Journal page, we’ll continue to keep you updated with the latest news and original content from the professional history nerds at Historic America. On our Audiobooks page you’ll continue to see fascinating new history titles released - a treat for the ears and all available for download. Our Video page will be updated regularly with fresh footage sure to entertain and educate you.

Most importantly, our tour menu will continue to grow and the experiences we offer are second to none. Interested? You should book one today!