Who We Are

Historic America is a company dedicated to telling the story of the United States. Uniquely, ours is a nation founded on an idea - the proposition that human beings are created equal and endowed with inherent rights. The ongoing struggle to live out this creed has shaped our nation into a cradle of human creativity, industry, energy, and aspiration. What a country. What a story to share! 

Our historic tours exist to connect you with America’s past. Did we mention they’re also a ton of fun? There’s no greater joy than sharing a wonderful story with guests who are eager to listen and learn. Our guided, interactive, multi-sensory, historic tour experiences are a blast, and they’re geared to inspire. 

Plus, our videos, our blog and our audiobook library help to complete the package. If you want history, we’ve got you covered. 


Rachel Tracey

Rachel Tracey studied history education in college but soon realized the classroom wasn’t where she wanted to teach, and an office wasn’t where she wanted to work. After earning her certification from the International Tour Management Institute, she embarked on a life changing career in the travel industry. She has guided groups across the country; from the waterfalls of Yosemite to the streets of New York City.

After growing up in a military family and never staying in one place for too long, she decided to plant her roots in our nation’s capital and make DC home. She has been guiding full time since 2013. Rachel joined Historic America in 2018 as a co-founder.

Aaron Killian

Aaron is an American history nerd who absolutely loves his job. Most days he wanders around in dumb amazement that he earns a living by talking about history with interesting people. While at work, he manages to compose himself long enough to lead tours of amazing historic sites. Licensed in both D.C. & NYC, he also leads tours in-and-around the Capital Region, Philadelphia, Virginia’s Historic Triangle and numerous battlefield sites. 

The key to Aaron’s approach is a focus on storytelling. He wants to connect the personal stories of his visitors with the larger American experience; leaving guests both engaged and inspired to learn more. Also, don’t get him talking about the Civil War or the Founding era (he’s difficult to shut-up sometimes). When not busy leading tours, Aaron also narrates audiobooks, edits video and reads … a lot. He founded Historic America in 2011.