Walking Tours


Cherry Blossom Tour / The Tidal Basin

A scenic stroll filled with historic memorials. Walking. Approximately 2.5 hrs.

National Mall

A fascinating look at the city's monumental core. Walking. Approximately 2.5 hrs.

Arlington National Cemetery.jpg

Arlington National Cemetery

A journey through hallowed ground. Walking. Approximately 3 hrs.

The White House.jpg

The President's Neighborhood

The White House and America's most historic neighborhood. Walking. Approximately 2 hrs.

Museum Tours


Museum of Air & Space

Travel through the history of aviation and space exploration. Walking. Approximately 2 hrs.

American History Museum.jpg

Museum of American History

The American saga and the objets which bring it to life. Walking. Approximately 2.5 hrs.

National Gallery of Art.jpg

National Gallery of Art

The stories behind the great masters and their amazing artwork. Walking. Approximately 2.5 hrs.

Specialty Tours

dupont circle.JPG

Prohibition in D.C.

Scandals and illegal booze in the city's most powerful neighborhood. Walking. Approximately 2 hrs.

south lawn.jpg

Presidents Behaving Badly

A scandalous tour of our presidential past. Walking. Approximately 2 hrs.

marvin gaye.jpg

Music & Murals

Timeless music and the city's finest street art along DC's Black Broadway. Walking. Approximately 2 hrs.