Thomas Jefferson

Thomas Jefferson: Defining America, Chapter III

Thomas Jefferson:  Defining America, Chapter III

I'm putting the finishing touches on the third chapter of Thomas Jefferson: Defining AmericaHere's a sneak peak at chapter three, which is tentatively entitled, Independence.

Book Review: Thomas Jefferson, The Art of Power

Book Review:  Thomas Jefferson, The Art of Power

Ever since his death on July 4th, 1826 (50 years to the day after the adoption of the Declaration of Independence, I might add), subsequent generations of Americans have appropriated the life and legacy of Thomas Jefferson in order to advance agendas and justify arguments. 

Book Review: Undaunted Courage

Book Review:  Undaunted Courage

I don’t know how many of you can relate, but there’s nothing I enjoy more than absently browsing around a bookstore.  If you can sympathize, surely you’ve noticed that every bookstore in America seems to have a copy of Stephen Ambrose’s, Undaunted Courage nestled somewhere amongst the stacks.  I don’t think I’ve even been in the history section of a Barnes & Noble or Books-a-Million and not seen it (along with Jared Diamond’s, Guns, Germs & Steel and everything David McCullough ever wrote). 

Touring at the Jefferson Hotel

Touring at the Jefferson Hotel

On Saturday mornings I work at the Jefferson Hotel off of 16th Street in Washington, DC serving as the hotel historian.  Throughout the hotel are objects, artifacts and design elements related to the life & legacy of Thomas Jefferson, and it’s my privilege to talk about these fascinations with hotel guests...It’s a great gig.

Book Review: Common Sense

Book Review:  Common Sense

The genius of Common Sense was that it gave voice to the collective anger and frustration felt by countless American patriots and it succeeded in spinning an already angry populace even further into the realm of tear-ass rebelliousness.  In order to get into the revolutionary spirit, I read it for the first time while on my recent trip to Yorktown, Virginia.