American Revolution

Book Review: The Guns of Independence

Book Review:  The Guns of Independence

Greene's book is a good one, but you need to bring an appetite for serious military history with you. Otherwise, you might as well watch The Patriot and call it a day. 

Benjamin Franklin and the Turkey

Benjamin Franklin and the Turkey

Here's something to consider as you make leftover turkey sandwiches for lunch today...

Benjamin Franklin's preference for using the Turkey over the Bald Eagle on our Great Seal is a well known piece of American folklore - but is there any truth to the tale? Kinda sorta.   

Talking Bunker Hill

Talking Bunker Hill

If you're not familiar with author Nathaniel Philbrick, that'll soon change.  Ron Howard is making Philbrick’s In the Heart of the Sea into a feature film, his book Mayflower is being adapted into a television series by FX, and Ben Affleck’s production company has optioned Bunker Hill, his most recent book.  Not half bad.   

Book Review: Common Sense

Book Review:  Common Sense

The genius of Common Sense was that it gave voice to the collective anger and frustration felt by countless American patriots and it succeeded in spinning an already angry populace even further into the realm of tear-ass rebelliousness.  In order to get into the revolutionary spirit, I read it for the first time while on my recent trip to Yorktown, Virginia.