Next Audio Book Released - Exclusive Clip from THE ORDINARY SPACEMAN

Audio Book number three is published and available for download! I think that this title may be our best yet.

It's a must read AND a must listen.

Long story short, I got to read the words of an honest-to-goodness space traveler and had a blast doing it. Clayton C. Anderson'sThe Ordinary Spaceman, is a fascinating autobiography of a NASA astronaut and a life's journey from the cornfields of Nebraska into outer space.

The production of this book was a truly great learning experience. I came to understand so much about the space program which I otherwise would never have known, and Clayton Anderson is simply a gifted writer (while also excelling in so many other areas of life - as astronauts tend to do). As always, HUGE thanks go out to my father, partner and studio technician, Steve Killian, without whom this book could not have been made. 

CLICK HERE to download it from and listen below to a clip from the book itself! 


We've already signed up for our fourth Audio Book project, so look for updates in the coming months.