Abraham Lincoln

Happy Birthday Honest Abe!

It’s birthday week here at the Historic America Journal - but not for me and Rachel. Instead, we’re looking to honor a trio of historic Americans with February birthdays. We begin the week with a real “A”-lister.

He doesn’t look a day over 207!

He doesn’t look a day over 207!

Abraham Lincoln (get it? … A-braham is an A -lister! amiright?!) came into the world on February 12th, 1809 in Hogedenville, Kentucky. Yes, he was ACTUALLY born in a log cabin. He’s also known for other exploits like the Emancipation Proclamation and shepherding the nation through a catastrophic Civil War.

For generations, Americans have been making a fuss about Lincoln’s big day. The very first commemoration of Lincoln’s birth was held in Buffalo, New York in 1874. It’s a strangely sweet story.

A local drugstore owner named Julius Francis was besotted with the memory of Lincoln, so he began holding an annual event to honor the Abe’s life & legacy. Francis went to great personal expense; he rented a hall, recruited the aid of speakers & musicians, and charged no admittance fee as he believed Lincoln’s memory was a gift every American should enjoy. He even tried lobbying Congress to create a federal holiday in Lincoln’s honor (you can read all about the story here).

In subsequent years, celebrations of Lincoln’s birth were often paired with commemorations of another February baby - Frederick Douglass. Ultimately these celebrations expanded and metamorphosed into February’s designation as Black History Month. In the 1960s, President’s Day was born - a fusion holiday celebrating the birthdays of both Lincoln & George Washington.

I know what you’re thinking, “How can I honor Abraham Lincoln today, on the 208th anniversary of his birth?” How about going to see his memorial? We’ve got just the tour …

America's Greatest Speech: Lincoln's 2nd Inaugural

America's Greatest Speech:  Lincoln's 2nd Inaugural

Some might say the Gettysburg Address, but for my money, the 2nd Inaugural Address is not only Lincoln's best speech, but also the greatest American speech ever delivered - and let me tell you why.

Historic America Presents: The Old Print Gallery

Historic America Presents:  The Old Print Gallery

I recently placed a visit to The Old Print Gallery in Washington, DC's Georgetown neighborhood to learn about the history of printmaking and see the amazing collection of classic American prints the space has to offer.  For lovers of historic American art, The Old Print Gallery is like Candy Land and I was really excited that they allowed us to film inside.