Our Tours Rock!

Rachel and I have a good buddy named Clift. Clift’s father was a stone carver par excellence. Clift too, is an uncannily skilled stone carver. He’s also a gifted tour guide with a sharp memory, a happy talent for friendship & a generosity of spirit to match. We recently approached him with an idea to enhance our tours by adding stone samples as tactile elements. Specifically, we wanted him to help us acquire sample varietals to match the stone used in DC’s famous buildings. Clift did us one better.

He went into his backyard workshop and gave us some of his private stone stash! He even cut it down to size by using diamond saws, hammers, chisels - the whole nine yards. A few weeks ago I went over to Clift’s Maryland abode and he brought me into the backyard to witness the show. It was early in the morning, and I was worried about the noise we were making. Clift chuckled and said he’s been there long enough that his neighbors know the deal. Thank goodness.

Want to see him in action? Take a gander…

Clift cutting us a piece of Seneca Redstone - the very same material used to build the Smithsonian Castle!

He gifted us with quite a variety. There’s Tennessee Pink, Vermont Dandy and who could forget Indiana Buff (is it just me, or do these sound like the names of male strippers?). Now our tour guests can hold in their hands the very types of stone used to construct the National Cathedral, Smithsonian Museums, Supreme Court and much more. It’s so darn cool.

Thanks for being a friend, Clift. We promise to do these stones proud.