New Audio Book Released - Exclusive Clip

Historic America's audiobook library continues to grow! My father and I recently finished recording work on our latest project and, much like our past effort, this is yet another offering from University Press. The title is, A Cold War Turning Point: Nixon and China, 1969-1972 written by Chris Tudda (and now humbly narrated by yours truly). If you're a foreign policy wonk, or interested in the nitty gritty of Nixon's historic opening of China, this book's for you. Richard Nixon, Mao Tse Tung, Zhou Enlai, Henry Kissinger, Alexander Haig, William Rogers - it's quite a cast of characters and an interesting story to boot.  

To download the book from click here. To listen to a portion of our recording work click below. To see a litter of Golden Retriever puppies swimming for the first time, click here