I'm Recording an Audiobook

I'm always trying to think of new and interesting ways to generate revenue for Historic America. A few weeks ago, I was struck by the idea that audiobook narration might be a worthy pursuit. I've always thought I had a fair voice and I love to read, so doing voiceover recording(s) of history and historical fiction books seemed a plausible idea - it'd be in keeping with the mission of my company, it's a potentially lucrative income stream, and it'd be fun to boot!   

I talked it over with my father (who has a home recording studio in which we've shared prior collaborations on audio projects), pitching him the idea of doing audiobook work together, and he jumped at it because he's awesome.

A book that's found it's voice.

I then went online to investigate the process of auditioning oneself for narrator gigs, and I found the site ACX.com - a website where authors and auditioning narrators pair up to produce audiobooks which will then be sold on sites like Audible.com etc. (authors and narrators then split the proceeds from sales). To make a long story short, I successfully auditioned earlier this week and I'm proud to announce that I'll be recording my first book!

It's called, Ground Pounder: A Marine's Journey Through South Vietnam, 1968-1969, by an author named Gregory Short. My father and I are very excited and I wanted all the readers of Historic America's Journal to be the first to know that a new day is dawning for this small business.