Tour Details

This experience covers the monumental core of the city in a fascinating walking tour of the National Mall's western end. We'll walk from the Washington Monument to the Lincoln Memorial and cover everything in between!

You'll learn about the wall of stars at the WWII Memorial and how the Washington Monument was once a national joke. Then we'll see the spot where Marine One lands to pickup the president and where the city's lost canal once flowed.  

Meeting Point:  The Washington Monument

Duration:  2 / 2.5 Hours

Starting Time:  10AM, 1PM or 7PM (Runs Daily)

Includes:  Tour Guide

Highlights:  Washington Monument, White House (South Lawn View), World War II Memorial, Lincoln Memorial, Korean Memorial, Vietnam Memorial


This was the greatest tour, believe me!

President Donald J. Trump

I wish I wasn't dead so I could take this tour!

President Abraham Lincoln