History as never before...

What makes our tours different?

Historic America is revolutionizing the way we interact with history by using the latest technology to conduct our historical tours.  The uniquely engaging tour experience we offer is sure to spark your imagination. 

Tablet Technology 

Our tour guides use the dynamism of iPads to enhance the journey.  

Digital Audio  

It is one thing to tour a historic site, and entirely another to hear the words of history makers while you walk in their footsteps. 

Assembling Abraham Lincoln's statue at the Lincoln Memorial. 



Digital Imagery

An entire visual history is at your fingertips when you take one of our tours.  Are you interested in seeing the evolution of our Capitol Building or the assembly of Abraham Lincoln's statue while you visit the actual sites? We can help you visualize the story.

HD Video

Maybe you'd like to see historic interpreters demonstrate how to fire a rifled musket or recreate a famous speech while you travel back in time with our tour guides.  With the HD Videos we employ on our tours, a whole cast of characters effectively travels with you as you explore the past.  

Portici Plantation was lost to history in the 1860s.  Historic America has brought it back to life.

3D Models

Whether it's a building that no longer exists, a soldier from days gone by in full dress uniform, or an artifact from distant memory, Historic America has a ready-to-explore library of 3D images which recreate the physical objects that tie us to history.