Tour Details

A La Carte Tours are bookable on a private or semi-private basis. A private tour guarantees you a personal guide. Semi-private means you MIGHT be touring within a larger (but still intimate) group. 8 person max for both.

The Prohibition Era was a time of splashy scandals and corrupt politicians. Jazz music filled the air and hypocrisy was rampant within the nation's capital as a river illegal booze flowed through town. This tour explores the neighborhood at the heart of it all: DuPont Circle.

You'll learn about the city's king makers and lawbreakers (often the same folks) during Prohibition. As their stories are brought to life, you'll enjoy spirits & cocktails of the era on this tour. Adults only please! 


Meeting Point:  Center of DuPont Circle, by the fountain

Duration:  Approximately 2 Hours (Th, Fri, Sat)

Starting Time: 1PM or 7PM

Includes:  Tour Guide, Sensory Supplements

Highlights:  Mayflower Club Speakeasy, Warren G. Harding's Corrupt Cabinet, Illegal Booze in the Capitol Building, The Brewmaster's Castle