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Ideally, the President of the United States should set a good example for the nation. As this tour will show, that's not always the case. Presidential misbehavior has a long and storied history, and our walking tour takes you on a journey through the scandalous antics of past chief executives.

From the drunken inaugural party of Andrew Jackson to Grover Cleveland's baby mama - it's all here. It's tough being the president. 

Meeting Point: Corner of 16th & H St. NW

Duration: 2 to 2 1/2 Hours

Starting Time: 10AM, 1PM or 7PM (Runs Daily)

Includes: Tour Guide

Highlights: Skinny dipping with Teddy Roosevelt & John Quincy Adams, the philandering Warren G. Harding, hard drinking with Andrew Johnson, arresting U.S. Grant