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Before Micheal Phelps, there was 'The Duke' - the unlikely Olympic swimming hero who popularized modern surfing. In Waterman, award-winning journalist David Davis examines his remarkable life.

Winter Spotlight

Waterman: The Life & Times of Duke Kahanamoku

Written by David Davis

Narrated by Aaron Killian


Confessions of An Undercover Agent.jpg

This true story of an ex-Marine who fought crime as an undercover cop, a narcotics agent, and finally a federal prosecutor spans a decade of crime fighting and narrow escapes.

The Ordinary Spaceman.jpg

The journey of a small-town boy from Nebraska who spent 167 days living and working on the International Space Station. Find out what it's like to be Superman!

Marie Antoinette's Darkest Days.jpg

A harrowing tale of a fallen queen's final days - the prisoner registered only as Widow Capet, No. 280, a time that was a cruel mixture of grandeur, humiliation, and terror.

The Civil War on the Mississippi.jpg

During the Civil War, both sides believed that whoever controlled the Mississippi River would ultimately be victorious. Here is chronicle of the struggle by the men who lived it.

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In this thought-provoking and highly listenable book, Robert Mann provides a concise, engaging study of the "Daisy Girl" ad, widely acknowledged as the most important and memorable political ad in American history.

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In Brethren by Nature, Margaret Ellen Newell reveals a little-known aspect of American history: English colonists in New England enslaved thousands of Indians.

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Direct, honest, and brutal in his observations, Vietnam veteran Gregory Short holds nothing back in describing the hardships of modern warfare and our leaders' illusions of success.

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Learn about the 50 most important events of the Vietnam War, from the First Indochina War to the fall of Saigon.

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Using declassified sources, Chris Tudda's A Cold War Turning Point reveals new details about the relationship forged between Nixon and China that dramatically altered the trajectory of the Cold War.

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The first great battle of the American Civil War set the stage for four years of bloody conflict that forever changed the political, social, and economic fabric of the nation.